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Why Choose Us?

We realize your projects with our experienced staff, qualified staff and customer-oriented approach. We offer economic, reliable and permanent solutions to your projects with our corporate structure, quality products and international experiences.

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DONE was established in 1994 as an engineering company which operates in Bursa and its region.Authorized dealers of VIESSMAN, GRUNDFOS, DANFOSS, BALTUR, SONDEX-TANPERA, PERMO. DONE has been long experienced in HVAC applications, heating and cooling systems for industrial purposes, wastewater applications, solar energy systems, central heating systems, natural gas installations, sanitary installations, biogas power plants, hydroelectric power plants, pump stations, piping of industrial applications for chemical fluids, heat recovery systems, mechanical installation of surface treatment factories and textile factories and sales of all required equipment etc. In a nutshell, DONE creates reliable solutions for its customers and applies them in the site. In addition to these, DONE put so much effort for improving renewable solutions for industrial applications by its Research and Development department on solar energy. DONE; today, it continues its activities as a regular and active service organization with its staff consisting of 35 engineers, technicians and employees. Purpose of DONE is to apply and enforce international standards for construction and development and innovation in Turkey. We are proud and happy to reach our goal with the reference list of distinguished investors, individuals and organizations.


To provide our customers with profitable economic solutions. With the practical solutions we offer, you can complete your projects in a result-oriented and fast way. Providing easy sustainability of your system with our permanent solutions.


To reach the leading position in the sector in domestic and international projects. To add new values ​​to our world with our R & D activities and to create a more livable future for all of us. .

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