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  In the Suluova district of Amasya, We have completed the Bioenergy facility for Ahi Suluova Biyogaz Enerji Üretim San. Ve Tic. Inc. Our company has carried out its activities in the facility within NAHTEC BIOGAS. All mechanical installations, machine assemblies, mixer and membrane assemblies within the facility were completed by our company. The first unit of the plant, which is currently operating, generates 1,067 MWe of energy. In the project, we have provided all domestic and foreign equipments including Grundfos Turkey pumps, which we are the regional dealers, in the project. We quickly supplied many manufactures, including bends of heating coils, in our production site. Thanks to our experienced staff, we completed our project succesfully within the specified time period.
Project Details
Client: Ahi Suluova
Location: Amasya , Suluova
Transaction:​​Biogas plant, all mechanical installations, machinery and membrane assemblies​.
Time:  2018 /2019