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Central air-conditioning and ventilation systems (VRF air conditioners) are applied by us to the projects for cooling of outdoor units, indoor units and accessories and indoor spaces.

For various industrial applications (machine cooling, ambient cooling, tank cooling) chiller applications are made by us.

The fresh air and exhaust supply of fan coil and VRF systems are applied to the project professionally by our company through air ducts.

Split air conditioners in residential and commercial buildings are applied by our company in order to cool interior spaces of different sizes and sizes.

Central air handling units are applied by us for large and crowded spaces to meet the fresh air exhaust needs of VRF systems.

The fan coil systems applied for factories and crowded places are integrated into the projects by our company in a central way.

Systems where multiple indoor units are controlled by an outdoor unit and gas flow distributors are applied to the project by our company.

Multi air conditioning systems are integrated into our project by our company for air conditioning of many environments.

It is applied to the air conditioning solutions formed by connecting a large number of indoor units to a single outdoor unit with the help of copper pipes.

For commercial offices, especially in crowded places such as shopping malls are applied by our company.

Combined installations of housing units, housing estates, offices are provided by us.

According to ASHRAE standards of moisture values (by considering the appropriate living conditions of individuals) are designed in an appropriate way.

In the areas where wall type split air conditioners create economic solutions, these are applied to the projects by our company.

For industrial purposes, industrial air conditioning systems are applied to systems to create suitable ambient conditions.

Our technical team provides you with solutions for special process applications. Industrial solutions are applied to your projects by our company according to your technical needs.

Especially hygienic air conditioning systems applied to different systems (clean rooms, intensive care, medicine, operating theaters, laboratories, food sector, chemical sector) are applied to your projects by our company.

Copper pipe applications of the systems are provided by us.

Humidity rates determined according to ASHRAE standards are controlled by humidity control system. This system is applied by our company to projects.