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We provide the central heating systems of mass residences, shopping malls, hotels, thermal hotels and factories.

Boiler installations and even application of the structures heated by central heating are provided by us.

The heating technique of the indoor environments that need to be heated is provided by the floor heating method.

Combined installations of housing units, housing estates, offices are provided by us.

Copper pipe applications of the systems are provided by us.

In addition to boiler systems, condensing (condensing) boiler systems are applied to the projects by us.

DONE ENGINEERING applies to projects for cooling and heating of large indoor areas where normal air conditioning systems are not economical in cooling and heating.

It is applied to the project by our professional teams for textile, surface treatment and biogas plants primarily for various industrial projects.

In industrial systems where steam is needed (such as yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, and in addition to the use of steam as a heat transfer means for the supply of industrial machines), steam boilers are applied to the project and technical capability lines are provided by us.

In various industrial applications, application of hot water and hot oil systems to the project, supply of necessary equipment and technically correct and even integration are provided by us.

As one of the first companies to apply polyethylene connections in Bursa, natural gas polyethylene service and distribution lines are applied to the project by various systems including biogas.

In industrial projects, we provide the application of heat exchangers to the system in open and closed cycles according to the needs.

Appropriate heating systems can be applied to closed areas by us.

With our EMRA certificate valid up to 16 bar, the required natural gas is applied to various industrial systems by us.

Natural gas regulators and meters are applied to the project according to the required standards.

Especially for the heating of fermenters and Digester silos for biogas systems, we apply the stainless pipes we bend (curl) to the silos for heating purposes by our professional teams.